Polibloc allows everyday citizens, groups, and Non Profits to fundraise to influence and advocate for government funding or amend bills (possible laws) in both Local, State and Federal governments.

Once a campaigns deadline has ended and reached the minimum funding goal we will connect your campaign to lobbyists for you to choose from who will advocate for your cause in your chosen policy niche. You as campaign creator are the main contact person and always kept up to date of progress by the lobbyists.

Though its common to not like a politician in one area of policy, be mindful they may hold similar views to your campaign in the area of your interest. Politics is not as Black and White as it’s made out to be.


1.Campaign Creators
From groups of everyday citizens to non for profits. Everyone has a chance to create a campaign, utilise their network and crowdfund for their cause while covering costs and raising needed funds for thier own organisation.

2. Donors
You may already know the campaign creator or have donated to another campaign or have newly come to polibloc. If the campaign and it’s outcome resonates with you, donate to help push it past its fundraising goal.

3. Politicians
The important and often ignored interests of the electorate will be online and made public. Allowing you to find a campaign you can champion and see the validation it’s getting in the community. By doing so it will help add to your track record with voters leading up to re-election.


1. Reveals often unknown or ignored changes voters seek.

Most voters seeking political change get told to do the same low impact actions, like Street protesting, Writing to their MP, or getting an article in the media. Nearly always, these don’t equal policy change.
But when you as an individual can create a central point where others can join you, and many follow, politicians take notice (Getup or Advance Australia are examples). Instead of the effort of starting such organisations, you can setup a crowdfunding campaign/s with us to achieve your goals.

2. Raising funds to assist groups who try making change happen.

Civic groups, charities and non profits do not have it easy, their fundraising efforts are tough and swing based on the economic circumstances of thier donors. Polibloc solves this with 30% of money raised in a successfully funded campaign to be donated to the organiser whose hard work is essential to organising the campaign.

3. Politicians have a public record of what they’ve done for voters.

Politicians are a result of the system setup around them. Many voters get the sense that policies and funding is secured behind closed doors and are unimpressed that such secrecy is used for policymaking which spends their tax dollars. Worse is when those meetings are with ex politicians who call in old favours on behalf of wealthy clients. By championing a cause on Polibloc, politicians can help showcase that they without any kickbacks will help make a positive change in their community. And the result is public & online for all to see and can be referenced in the future as a track record.


There are usually three options:

1. FUNDING :Seeking funds from a government entity
2. RULE CHANGE: :Amendments to a parliamentary bill or change existing statute or government organisation rule
3. NEW RULE :To introduce a new bill in parliament, new statute or government organisation rule
4. DELETE A RULE :To reject an existing bill of parliament, delete existing statute or government organisation rule


This depends on the preference of the campaign creator, please read carefully to see if they will still seek to pursue the campaign even if they’ve not hit the funding goal. More money may be helpful but is not always necessary escpecially if the campaign creator will be the one advocating themselves, which is a tougher task than hiring a lobbyist.


We are always trying to reduce the fees we charge which are below (note these fees are waived on a successful campaign where at least one outcome is achieved)

i. 50% is sent to the lobbying firm/s hired (after vetting multiple lobbyists and comparing competing qoutes)

ii. 30% is sent to the campaign creator to cover present costs & future campaign costs.

iii. 20% is sent to polibloc for payment processing, hosting & promoting the campaign, and for bringing it to the attention of relevant political entities involved.

Yes, just like YouTube lets you have an unlisted video, where it can only be accessed via the link, we do the same for campaigns who require it. Since rolling out this feature, we’ve had a shift of nearly 80% of our live campaigns being private. They are not listed on the website, but can be accessed privately via the campaign creator sharing the private link to their mailing list.


Amendments to bills can happen quickly but more often they can take a long time to come about. This is due to the way parliament and government entity bureaucracy works for rule changes and also funding requests for community projects. Multiple layers of decision making occurs and in parliament the government can withdraw a bill, and the senate can reject it and send it back with amendments. Other times projects can actioned quite swiftly.
Whatever happens throughout this process we will work to make sure your amendments get over the line. We estimate a period of 30 days will be needed to confirm if a campaign is viable & upwards of 6-12 months to outline a timeline for its action and outcome completion.

Any “updates” will be posted at the top of every campaign description allowing you to keep track of whats going on.

Please note the risk that a successful outcome to a campaign can occur and the change fundraised for can be actioned, only to be reversed with a change of leader, relevant minister or change of government. The future cannot be predicted and this has to be taken into account. Yet the fact a change has taken place is a likely indicator it will remain and or have a decent mandate to be fought for even if it is reversed by future advocates.