PENRITH: Storage lockers at Sporting Grounds for Sports players, Public and Fans

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Following the success of the Willoughby campaign on Polibloc, for Storage lockers in sporting grounds, we believe a similar campaign will help Penriths largest park.
Have you ever had something of yours stolen ? We’ve counted bag snatching and lost items more than a dozen times in the past 24 months at Jamison Park.  It’s not pleasant.  Our touch footy meetup even moved locations to try avoid it. As anyone whose lost something knows, it doesn’t help after the shock of having something stolen, to then have to cancel cards and try to remember all that you had in your bag. Yet thousands of people daily in our parks and sporting grounds are forced to put their valuable belongings at risk due to their being no place for them to store their items after they’ve rushed after work on public transport to do some healthy exercise.


1-Anyone overseas may ask in confusion why the parks where thousands play sports daily across Sydney do not have a safe way to store valuables? If you don’t use a car, your left to leave your bags on the sidelines while you play your game. Distracted by your game your unable to see someone who is aiming to steal or pickpocket the bags, even if you do they maybe so far away from you that to catch up to them isn’t going to happen.

2-Most of our game venues with grand stands where people sit to watch and enjoy are likewise empty of the option to store bags. It’s quite simple to lose them given your distracted, with food and drinks. As happens every weekend after the local team plays Rugby or Cricket.

3-Technology has long existed for parks of all kinds to have the basic amenity of a locker system. Just like nearly all parks have a water bubbler and Toilet.

4-As existing examples show councils can earn revenue for the long term through payment for the lockers.


Trial of proposed 25+ Storage lockers in Jamison Park, in Penrith Council area.

Not only would this help local residents not have belongings stolen but it will be a revenue source for the local council. Given that the parks are used daily for local sports training, competitions, and other meetup events.


I know first hand what it’s like to lose items. I love sports, yet lockers need to become a utility we can all have the choice to use. Support this campaign if you or someone you know has had something stolen, or if you can see the obvious use of these lockers.

Our best!
West Touch Footy