DARWIN: Legalisation of Escooters

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Dear Everyone

Jay Dorovek here, i’m part of the Darwin cycling meetup group. I am writing regards to the lack of action taken regards to electronic scooters which to those of us in the group and beyond are the next stage of transportation. Though unlike cycling your burning less calories on them 🙂


1. Its long been know that Darwins economy demands more innovative initiatives and risk taking to stay ahead of the rest of Australia’s capital cities. Ever since E-scooters have become cheaper we saw less busy footpath foot traffic in the streets of Darwin, as it was easier to get around on the scooter if you used the bike lane. Yet the local council has yet to authorise legal use of scooters and sent mixed messages if there is to be penalties, which has deterred many people from using the scooters. Half a dozen of participants including me have been fined or given verbal warning by either the local rangers or police. This is not right!

2. Without a clear policy on this form of transportation the ease of transport is diminshed as is the chance for more people to get to appointments, meet with friends and carry out daily activities.

3. Bicycles will still exist, but like every new technology the cheaper and better it gets the more people will start to use it. We need to prepare for this and not confuse people by restricting it.


We seek  adoption of local cycle laneways for e-scooter use, which will include, at the least painting (if necessary) of the scooter symbol on the concrete pavements as done now for bikes to indicate scooters are able to be used. As well as adding the scooter symbol (if necessary) on existing signage which indicates a cycle laneway. With the ultimate outcome being the legalisation of E-Scooters in a similar legal fashion as accorded to bicycles and other mobility devices for the general public.


I hope you will join me for this cause, in doing so we can lobby council to prioritise our project.

Jay Dorovek & Darwin Cyclists